Hang On! We’re Getting There!

July 2, 2012


Thank you my beloved Sarah.

When I met Sarah, I thought, “If we learned to care about each other the way Sarah does, we would exist in an exquisite world.” Sarah as a living field carries the remembrance of connection. When she says, “I miss you” or “I miss my kin” she remembers the deep transparent intimacy human beings once shared. When I met her, she was trapped within the limitation of our present personality plane and her missing of an inherent connection we have largely lost was a persistent anguish for her. She was angry, hurt, living in constant despair. Now she knows that remembrance is hers to carry as part of her greater field of being. How cool is that?! Does she still grieve? Of course, from time to time that is hers to do. Without her cries on our behalf,  the inherent intimacy that is ours to have would not have someone to remember. Without remembering the beauty of life, the beauty of life cannot return. This video speaks to our world when we don’t have to miss each other anymore. Enjoy! Again. Thank you Sarah

I am sending you this video she sent me. Hang on. If you know someone how is not doing so well, send them this or something from yourself.

Email Sapphire at theoffice@metapoints.com. Get information for our monthly calls to support ourselves during these intense transitional times.


My Beloved World. Please Hold On.

June 18, 2012

These last few days are such a mix of peace and pleasure, concern and commitment. We are entering into the deepest most powerful inner reality evolutionary time of our humanity. I sit here today. The wind howls and sings through the large open windows where I am staying at Squaw Valley in Tahoe, California. I write.

Knowing that while I have sorted out ways to get us through these times with as much grace and ease as possible with courses, classes, consults, activations, cds, etc, my emotions and my heartsoul longing go out to all the people who are challenged by their own inner being at this time. If I could scream so loud that the whole world heard me and could not escape the truth of my words, I would. Today I will use my blog

The last fifteen plus years, I have been preparing people for the times we are in now. Our inner reality is entrapped in incorrect thinking, self-debasing emotions, horror stories, and body freezing trauma that started way before we got here. Now the deeper reality of what a human being truly is designed to be is pushing against the rigid weave of reality gone aschew and it is difficult for many.

The inner reality humanity has held to be the only reality for so long is pounding our skulls, so the pressure being brought to bear to push this falsehood energetically, physically, and every other way out of us has a frightening kickback.

I want you know another reality is forming, the one so many of us came here for. I know. I live it. Nothing is harder for me at this time, a seer, psychic, and prophet to watch the fear and despair in people mistaking their experiences as real. How can we live a new reality if our emotional, mental, physical systems are still operating in the old one? The old one must be purge and unfortunately that purging will be experienced. What is being experienced is the old reality leaving. Please don’t let it take you with it! We are releasing the reality we were born into. It ain’t easy especially since we have been conditioned to think it is the only reality. Much of humanity is feeling the unbuffered horror of this reality of separation. Words float in the wind, “There is no reason to live is this is all there is.” “Nothing is going to change. I can’t feel anything. Nothing matters anymore.’

Shouting in my silence, “You were not born to suffer! You are the seedlings of new realities that have come to this planet because this planet is a dream-making planet! It is not our fault we got caught in a bad dream!”

So many people are flatlining. This is when you are devoid of emotion, then reelling with emotion. You are feeling the purging out of programming and patterns leaving behind a void, an emptiness, a nothingness.This is the hardest time…the time between the old patternings and storylines and the new patternings and storylines. We are right there in it. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW!.

Please ask yourself this question if you are one of the people who are going through this purge of an old reality to make room for the new and having trouble.

“Is this a reality I would create for me?”

If it isn’t, then please hang on. Everything I am doing is to help people get through this time.

I have fought to get the diary practices into the wind so as one reality deconstructs and experience, the patterning of the new reality can be felt if not yet comprehended. People who have done the diary practices also called Creation Exercises are holding in the deconstruct/construct going on now. They have gotten in touch with what they know is their reality so they can take the challenge of the psychic storm that is clearing our DNA of the debris of misaligned, distorted conditioning that sent humanity flying down a really insufficient storyline that is ending now.

From Tantra Maat to you:

I have read your DNA, your cells, your over-lifetimes stories for over forty years now. You are beautiful! Many of you are the seeds of realities born from other dimensions! Many of you carry dreams buried within you brought by you here to flourish!

 I know! I know! I know! it is bloody hard right now for many of you. Please hang on. Only believe what you want to have be real. I remember when I went through this a while back now. I said, “I am having to go against my own bones.” Everything in me was pulling me into the darkness of my own despair, the void of nothingness that must occur before a new realtiy can form. I held on. Others held me when I was too weak to hold myself.

Now it is happening for many many people. Two worlds will emerge now. The world that carries the reality of despair, the lostness, the horror of separation will continue. A new reality creating a new world the original intent of the original design of this planet and its kinship with the universe is formng also. Chose. Fight any inner reality that would have you succomb to it through despair, deadened emotions, etc. Hold on.

Soon we can dream the dreams that every human heart longs for love, self-expression, joy of living, delighting in our every day lives and they will have a psychic, energetic, spiritual environment within which to flourish.That is what the original intent of the original design of this beautiful earth was all about.

I love you! I know you. Please forward this to as many people as you can. Tantra

For those of you who have learned the Creation Exercises. They will build the bridges out of the void as you weave your cravings and observings into creating a new reality.




The Language of Creation & The TV Series Touch

April 27, 2012

The television series Touch does more to show what happens out of doing the Language of Creation Exercises than anything I could have written. Most people don’t see the patterns that form out of the mathematics of Creation. However the Language of Creation Creation Exercises, based on the Fibonacci mathematical series and the patterns that become recognized in the mathematics of that series, develop in each person the ability to recognize patterns. In the recognition of patterns, you begin to see how everything is in unity, how everything is connected. More than that however, random occurrences line up with your awareness of the patterns and manifestation occurs. The difference between affirmations and intentions is they are not based on mathematical principles. While attention on an intention and affirmation can produce an influence in the universal scheme of things, it does not produce your actually ability, like demonstrated on the show, to move with what Creation is bringing together and providing your part in it. Simply said, in developing a’ pattern recognition & connection to Creation’ mind, you are part of the scheme of things, doing what is yours to do, yours to have, and yours to be. In other words, being part of Creation connected to the rest of the unverse is essential to have things correlate into multiple connected manifestations. Otherwise we are bumper cars bumping into each other randomly.

I so strongly recommend the Language of Creation Events. Language of Creation I is really all someone needs to do to begin to move with Creation as an essential aspect of Creation. The other two Events are for people who want to be aware and awake as part of Creation. LofC I is enough to get a person’s life connected back into the wondrous events that happen like on Touch the Television series. The boy, Jacob, says mathematics is like prayer. When you connect into Creation, you resonate the webbing of Creation with what you crave, then you observe the patterns as what you crave comes into manifestation. Prayers are answered by your direct link with Creation. Many people have said doing the Language of Creation Exercises are their experience of prayer. So many centuries our prayers have felt unheard. It wasn’t the prayer, it was the lack of connection.I am so thankful for this show. It is easier than that however. You don’t have to run around trying to figure things out. You just get to create!  I love you TantraImage

The show reveals the actual way life works when we are connected in. I am deeply appreciative. Below is a writeup of the series.

“Think about all of the different people that you come in contact with on any given day: family, friends, coworkers and strangers going about their lives. The fateful hijacking of Flight 93 on 9/11 showed how a plane full of people could be connected in a way that none of the passengers could have imagined as they boarded their flights.
Is everything connected? Is the world a predictable set of patterns? Can one person really make a difference? Fox’s new sci-fi television series, “Touch,” will tell stories of how unrelated people and events can be linked together, with the overall theme that one person does have the power to “touch” the world.
“People are hungry to believe that they are all connected and that what they do matters,” said Carol Barbee, executive producer of “Touch.” “I am inspired by people living their lives, doing what they love and care about. This show has a rare opportunity to tell stories about ordinary people. The best stories come from real life and anyone could be a character on the show.”
The show centers on Martin Bohm (played by Kiefer Sutherland), who is trying desperately to find a way to connect with his autistic son, Jake (played by David Mazouz). Jake is unable to speak and doesn’t like to be touched, but he does see where patterns intersect. Martin’s discovery that his son is using numbers instead of words to communicate compels him to try to put together a puzzle full of seemingly unrelated pieces.
“Numbers are part of mathematical patterns,” said Keith Devlin, a mathematician at Stanford University, The Math Guy on NPR’s ‘Weekend Edition,’ and a consultant for the 2005-2010 CBS show “Numb3rs.” “There is a scene in (the movie) “A Beautiful Mind” that illustrates this idea beautifully.”
When John Nash (played by Russell Crowe) shows his future wife, Alicia Nash (played by Jennifer Connelly) the night sky, at first all she sees is a sky full of stars until he takes her hand and traces a pattern connecting the stars. When she recognizes the pattern, Nash remarks, “Now, you are a mathematician!”
So, if numbers are like stars and mathematics is like a constellation, then it would seem that anyone can see mathematics and the patterns in everyday things.
“Mathematics sees patterns that are already there, but normally are invisible,” said Devlin. “If the show uses that idea, they would capture the very essence of mathematics.”
For example, the Fibonacci sequence follows a pattern where the first two numbers are added together to get the next number (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34). Fibonacci numbers are found throughout nature, such as the number of petals in a rose. Most people wouldn’t notice the mathematical patterns in these objects or identify the sequence of numbers; they would just enjoy the beauty of nature.
So, while storytellers may take poetic license with the mathematics presented, the show’s themes can bring awareness to how mathematics touches everything and connects the world, including people, in universal ways.
“I hope that viewers will come away with an awareness of the effects that they have on people and a drive to do good work in the real world,” said Barbee. “I hope people understand the power of an individual, you have no idea the power of your reach on a daily basis or how many lives you touch.”

METApoints, Tantra, and Harmony Ridge Lodge

April 23, 2012

Little may people who come to participate know the love that goes into their arrivalApril 23rd, 2012

Here are the pictures of a day at Harmony Ridge Lodge, Nevada City, California.. The people coming for the events and the people being married here probably will never know the love and joy and care that goes into this place. We are blessed!

I am sitting on the concrete porch my feet up in a brown rattan chair and my larger than usual butt on a matching chair. I have hurt my right shoulder so can’t hoe or garden right now. So disappointed!!! Mine to do is to work on the book about this language of creation I teach. Callie, an amazing psychotherpist, is going to work with me to impart the importance of this work. Here is a recent quote from her to her friend who introduced us.

“I just can’t believe this material georgia…..i’ve gotten to the presentation of the ambisonic sound by David and Elan in LOC1, and some video clips.  its amazing.  another holy moly.  inspires me all the more to get to the writing with Tantra.  This stuff just HAS to be recorded, for posterity, if you will.  It is so deep.  So deeply right.  In my conversation with her i used the word ‘encode’.  that we have to encode her work.  i’m not even sure what that word means, but its the word that keeps coming up.  i should look it up.  She seemed to like it.”

I am so grateful for all the people who know this body of work needs to be in the world. Since it is not easy to speak about it, writing a book gives me what I need to get it out there. Every day, this day being one particularly, I wish people could see how fast we can change within ourselves from separation to unity. Several of us here have rediscovered how much fun it is to be human. It shows and compliments that already unique natures of the people who are attracted here.

When I came to Harmony Ridge Lodge a year ago, I had no idea what was about to unfold. And for a psychic that is really something! I watched during my Language of Creation Events the personal yet amazingly professional care that Jamie and Bob, the owners, and Debbie and Jackie who work here provided. Instant affinity! Affinity and Empathy the constructs of the new reality. METApoints and Harmony Ridge Lodge between a shared field of people caring for participatants and enjoying creation with each other. Then others began to come. A meta-community has begun to form. A community of affinity, autonomy, and empathy. What Tantra, me, would call an original world.

Glenn and I will be moving here. They are building a place for me to dwell.

So today, I am sitting with my bum arm watching them and their helpers clear the winter dead leaves and branches, everyone harmonious, joking, loving what they are doing.  I’m now  tucked half way between the open doors of the course room working on the book, Callie and I are preparing to publish in the next few months. Tim my new ambisonic guy is setting up the ambisonic to prepare for the Wesak weekend.May 5th and May 6th and Lily, my black blue heeler and Kilo the young long haired golden are wandering around checking out the show.

Please join us! It is right and good to be happy and to live in joy! Tantra

A Blessing for Your Senses

March 27, 2012

May the touch of your skin
Register the beauty
Of the otherness
That surrounds you

May your listening be attuned
To the deeper silence
Where sound is honed
To bring distance home.

May the fragrance
Of a breathing meadow
Refresh your heart
And remind you you are
A child of the earth.

And when you partake
Of food and drink,
May your taste quicken
To the gift and sweetness
That flows from the earth.

May your inner eye
See through the surfaces
And glean the real presence
Of everything that meets you

May your soul beautify
The desire of your eyes
That you might glimpse
The infinity

Hiking into Connemara!

March 22, 2012

ImageMarch 22nd, 2012

I loved today. There is simply ABSOLUTELY no way to talk about the Vision Quests we go on in Ireland. You sure aren’t going to find it on a tour bus let me tell you that. The magic from the minute we land on the shore. I walked to the water to say what I have said for over 10 years, “Mother I have brought the children.” Today I walked to the shore of the Irish Sea. Beloved Anne, our Irish Achill Queen, dipping in the sea and me ready to state the covenant. I had felt after the last vision quest that something had changed in the covenant and as I went to speak, the words, “We have come Mother,” came out of my lips. REJOICING! Do you know how long I have waited for human beings to mature enough to have a partnership with the ‘gods’. As I turned to one of the people who had come over with me for the quest, I said, “I just said, ‘I have come Mother!'” What more confirmation do you need?!

We had gotten up at 6am to see the sky embrace the sun. The sun slipped through the white foam above the dark sea, a round coin of orange beauty, radiating out into the splashing sea. We walked down the opposite of where we had gone the day before. The day before I had found a conch type shell the size of my fist. The sound is so loud…the sound of creation bursting the lusciousness of life into your ear. I found 12 small ones that I will give to the questors tomorrow.

We rounded everyone up today at the airport, drove with our sleepy heads to Galway to brave a ‘modern’ city and then crossed into the womb of Connemara. There is no other words for it. We unloaded the bus, some having just gotten in off the plane and walked an hour and 45 minutes up the saddle of the bleak bog strewn commanding mountains of Connemara. This is where the tale ends. There are no words.

How do I explain coming back down to the waiting van and two of the questors are shouting, “Victory!” How do I share that the voices of the men, women, and children driven into the impossible-to-survive mountains echoed, “YES!” How do I share that trip after trip after trip, we don’t prepare you, we just be the covenant of what had the quests form to begin with and you are able. SO ABLE you can’t believe it to be one with the mountains, to walk the valley floors as the thousands of barefoot men, women, and children did before you. Lavious under the misty haunting streams of white as you pick your way through the mud and over the path strewn rocks. More than that in the first day the door is open and your ableness for your life and the dreams that you carry birthed from so many that went before are there. Snap there! The rest is easy.

March 7, 2012

March 7, 2012

In the human realm, if something cannot come into language it cannot exist. Not that that something doesn’t exist. Only it cannot have a place to express its existence in the ‘human realm’ without language. Some language is not word language. Some language is sound, movement, visual, etc.

That is why I must write out realms of occurrence that have happened recently. The meeting of kin for a week at Harmony Ridge Lodge. The original template of original design of ‘two becoming one’ occurrence. The occurrence of rising of the original template of the original design of resonance in the ‘human realm’ in Language of Creation III. The appearance of form rising from the ‘home for Tantra’ Creation Exercises that Tantra has been faithful to ‘in time’. That is why I have written out the presences at Harmony Ridge Lodge that right now take up space in the landscape of space around me sitting up in Jamie and Bob’s homey yet elegant décored apartment overlooking the grounds of the lodge. These are the tall beings. I haven’t been with them this way before.

Writing out is different than explaining something so people can understand. The loyalty of word in writing something out is to bring into the human realm the magical and mysterious existences that wind their way through the human landscape behind the scenes for most human beings. Writing out in the resonance of a metalanguage brings the ‘realm of unity with all life’ into the ‘illusion of separation from all life’. That is what the Creation Exercises have revealed to me in the realm of unity they occur in. They open up the veils that blind me to what is present where I have the full spectrum of what is really real for me. Delightful. ‘Have’ in a metareality means having. Yes it means I have it in form, tangible, working. What I will write over until I leave for Ireland is in form, tangible, working.

I write this out as a 2012 public pronouncement March 7, 2012. A pronouncement is a formal statement of announcement, a statement that is emphatic and explicit, an official declaration to the ‘human realm’ of what is occurring in their’ realm of kin’.

Tantra Maat

Motel 6 “We leave the light on for you”

June 15, 2011

I sat down this morning, June 15, 2011, sitting with Lily, my black dog, on the bed at Motel 6 in Gallup, New Mexico. I realize that often what stops me from writing is the heart sometimes for me doesn’t translate into words as effectively as I would like. However, I am so proud of this chain of motels that are for the most part unnoticed. Basically the rooms are clean (I realize this may not always be so, but so far I am not disappointed.) (Also I realized that in the realm of Tantra Maat, the creation provides because we are always having a love affair creation and me)

But bottom line the rooms are clean. No amenities but coffee in the morning. No shampoo in the bathrooms, not coffee makers on the desk. A table, two chairs, same bedspread in every motel, a tv, and a very comfortable bed. You are charged by person so you may end up with two beds or one bed in your room. The rooms run for me a senior about $40.00 a night. A clean swimming pool. Good WiFi is $2.99 a night sometimes with tax. I love the bevy of dogs that are at check-in. There is no loud noise or partying. It is a secret hideaway cozy place that I want to make sure I acknowledged. 

I especially want to acknowledge Tammy at the Bakersfield Motel 6. She was so helpful, so congenial making sure Lily came in during check-in because it was too hot outside. She told me a great place to walk her. Made sure the sink water that was cold was fixed in record time.  Also the receptionists at all the motels were thorough, polite, and very service oriented. There was clearly a person touch. THANK YOU MOTEL 6. 

I love them. I think about being in the Marriot in Chicago with amenities..coffee, shampoo. $150 minimum a night. WiFi $12.95 a night. I am fine. In the United States there is social stigma. There is class prejudice. We don’t act like there is but there is. Most of my friends are well-off, do not have blue collar jobs, and are highly developed in consciousness. They dress well, are socially interested in culture more than television, and for the most part don’t have much hardship. This is an earned lifestyle and yet not the only one. I love my life and I love my friends and every one of them would give the shirt off their back if someone needed it. They live to have humanity no longer suffer. They are the best of the best. I live well. AND I miss the rest of humanity. I miss being with the rest of my species….so I travel.

 I am on my sabbatical for 3 weeks. I do it once a year. Why? I want to hang out with the rest of my folks. I don’t want my lifestyle to tarnish my ability to be one of the people whether wealthy, blue-collar, or ethnic. These trips are one of my happiest times. Last night in line to get my room, I was with a mother and her three daughters and 2 dogs not happy SHE was having to lower herself to spend the night at Motel 6 and making it obvious, another younger mother traveling to meet her husband in the army with her Great Dane and two other miniature dogs played with her small son running and chasing him, until it was her turn. Behind me were two young rough spun boys traveling to a job, and a truck driver. I was happy to not stand out. I loved being able to just be in the diversity of our amazing nation of so many different kinds of folks. 

Many people don’t live well. Many people who have had misfortune are stuck in the illusion of misfortune of status. What a shame! They don’t realize, they can downsize to Motel6 and have a mighty adventure being folks. We as Americans place too much value on status and have made luxury a sign of being okay. When I travel, I meet many people who are as okay as the people who have lots of bucks and vice versus. Status, wealth, poverty do not make the person. It is who we are in our lives not what we are in our lives that matters. 

I am emancipated. I have been for a long time. I have a very specific lifestyle that I love. I live in a 5th wheel which is stunningly gorgeous and uniquely me. I am getting my 2002 Saturn refurbed because my awesome mechanic says her engine is get for quite a few years. Why because I love her and I don’t want to give her up until it is time for her to go. I love traveling with my dog Lily and staying at Motel6 where we share our lives and tell dog stories, and swim in the pool and just be. 

What is your lifestyle? How scaled down can you get and know that everything you own is uniquely yours and represents your expression of self. Try a Motel6. I love you. 

Motel 6 – Gallup #237
I-40 at US 66, Exit #16
3306 West US 66
Gallup, NM 87301
(505) 863-4492
Motel 6 – Blythe #296
I-10 at South Lovekin Boulevard
500 West Donlon Street
Blythe, CA 92225
(760) 922-6666
Motel 6 – Bakersfield South #262
SR 99 at White Lane
2727 White Lane
Bakersfield, CA 93304
(661) 834-2828 







October 16, 2010

As I got out of my Silver Saturn 4 door sedan, loaded with my work for the day, I felt something wasn’t right. I even had the thought that I should take my thick walking stick I had found on another path. The stick had fallen from a big tree and was the right length and thickness for me. I didn’t even have to break off any twigs or branches. But, I left it in the car. I had my 50 pound, blue heeler, black shepherd mixed dog, Lily off leash.

Off we went on our walk to the top of the Auburn Confluence of the west and north forks of the American river. I hadn’t been out there for over a month so I was thrilled to be walking again.

It was early and I always had a concern for early morning predators…coyotes, bears, mountain lions….but anyway…here we went.

I had my blackberry earplug headset on and had called my friend and business partner Deborah when Lily suddenly stopped, shaking with the joy of a possible pursuit. I pulled out one of my earplugs. I couldn’t hear a thing, except Deb with them on. Lily stopped being interested and I didn’t hear anything so we carried on.

I kept one earplug out so I could listen. The fact that it was early morning had my attention. Then in about 500 feet in front of me a young coyote pranced out on the path and started trotting away from Lily and Lily took her stance, ready for pursuit.

Everything happened at once. I shouted “Sit!” at Lily. Lily instantly sat. Then I heard the bushes shaking up to my right about six feet up the hill behind me. I turned and looked as I saw a large alpha male looking straight at Lily. Lily and I were between the young pup and the alpha male, so as slowly and quickly as I could I got to Lily and put on her leash.

All this time I was shouting into the phone as loud as I could with Deb listening to me as I described what was happening.

When Liana, my daughter, was 13 years old, I wrote my clients and let them know that my daughter wanted to train with Bengal tigers. I was amazed at how many people wanted to contribute to her training. As it turned out, I got to train too. I was very glad for the training.

Four rules:

  1. Do not make any sudden moves
  2. Move Slowly
  3. Shout loudly
  4. Move toward the predator NOT away

The ploy was obvious having been with the tigers, which was to separate Lily from me. Draw the prey away from the human. The young coyote had trotted down the road to draw Lily into following her. However with my shout, Lily sat.

The coyotes’ plan was to get the prey between the young coyote and the pack. The young coyote was trotting toward Lily as I got to her. Keeping my body facing the hair raised alpha, I turned my head and shouted at the pup, “Stop!” The spindly young’un had not learned to be the aggressor yet so my shout stopped it in its tracks.

I instantly leashed Lily without stooping over by bending my knees, still facing the male. As I stared and shouted at the alpha male, I realized there was a female off to the left on the same side and two more that looked like coyotes, but also somewhat like dogs up in the bushes behind. That was when I realized we were in real trouble.  We would have been in enough trouble if the father and son were out looking for prey for the young whelp to practice on…but a pack. A pack was serious business.

I knew I had to get Lily and I out from between the pup and the alpha. Lily was a pain because she was struggling against the leash to go play with the pup. I finally pulled her up against the back of my knees and started toward the male.

I went between describing everything to Deb loudly on the phone to, “You are not going to attack me. Do you understand? I am leaving now and you are not going to attack me!” to the pack.

It was easy to scare the young coyote away, but I knew not to be aggressive toward the pack. Nothing like an invitation to pounce.

It took me several minutes to edge past the pack staring at me from the hillside. As I passed them I turned so I was still facing them, backing up until I was out of their territory. At one point I picked up my pace when I was about 20 feet away from them and they immediately when into trot mode. Not a good thing!

I stopped and shouted, “See I’ve stopped!” I waited until they were stopped and started backing up at a snail’s pace again.

Finally they turned and left. I had officially left their territory.

I knew that it was over so I walked backward until I was around a hill and then I turned and went back to the car.

I am one of those people who is completely calm and calculating during an emergency and then everything hits after the emergency has passed.

I knew I shouldn’t try to go home, so I went to our lake and canal near where we live to walk until the adrenalin surge calmed down. We crossed the gorgeous full lake, brimming with light beams from the sun crisscrossing over geese and ducks as it highlighted their colors. The beauty of an adrenalin rush was that the senses became so heightened.

I had my blackberry playing my favorite radio station Pandora, tears were streaming down my eyes in the gratitude of having made it and being so present to the beauty of the day.

The shock wave finally hit full on. I dropped to my knees and gagged from the sudden terror roaring through me. Eventually it passed and I rolled over on my back, Lily licking me on the face, oblivious to what had happened as I waited until the aftershock passed.

Liana called me the minute she could and praised me for remembering what to do. She added, “Mama, always carry a few rocks if there aren’t rocks where you are going and sticks.” Throwing things is almost always a deterrent!

So I guess next time, I will wear my big pocket jeans full of rocks, carry a big stick, and keep Lily on a leash near me, especially if it is the dawn of the day.

 edited by my beloved Sapphire